Dāna Sīla Foundation is a private charitable foundation headquartered in the United States. The founders, Jim Forbes and Ana Mónica Ryan, are currently living in Madrid, Spain where they teach meditation and manage a dāna based meditation center (Sala Dāna).

Dāna is a Pāli and Sanskrit word (Pali being an ancient Buddhist language) that means generosity. Sila is a Pali and Sanskrit word that means ethics, or morality. Therefore for us Dāna Sīla means moral or ethical giving.

Our mission is to support compassion, kindness, justice and awareness as means to create less suffering in the world.

We are especially interested in the teachings and techniques that come from Buddhist practices, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), modern psychology and neuroscience.

We try to leverage our abilities by working with like-minded organizations throughout the world.